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Varta battery V625U LR9

Varta 625U 625A PX625A  size alkaline (alkaline battery).1pcs packing, box 10 packs.For use machine alarm, camera and other techniques.
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Li-polimer (803040) 1000mAh

Li-pol (803040) 1000mAh Suitable for:     Robotics and remote controlled divices     Automotive equipmen     Medical devices     Measuring devices     Power supply     Consumer electronics     GPS System     Communication
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VARTA Microbattery AA 1800mAh 1,2V

VARTA Microbattery AA 1800mAh We can weld the tags for you need to the cell. For service the cells are selected according to the internal resistance. If the connection requires the insulated cables to be routed. Please contact us for additional requirements.
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Lithium polimer (501220) 80mAh

Lithium polymer battery.For MP3 players, and various radio models (plane, helicopter)With PCM and wires.Dimension: 5mm x 12mm x 20mm.3,7V 90mAh.
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Varta battery CR2032 FM

Varta CR2032 Lithium battery Lithium battery with 2 contacts, vertically. In one line.
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XTAR rechargeable Li-ion AA 2200mAh 1,5V

XTAR 1.5V AA 2200mAh battery Because of the rechargeable chemical, you can save money by simply charging the battery instead of replacing it with a new, original one. The 2200 mAh capacity ensures long battery life on your favorite devices. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Energy 3300mWh Maximum discharge current 1.5A Several built-in protections Product...
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Amass XT90 2pins "male"

Male XT90male connector with shield wiring harness. The wires will be protected from moisture.
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Amass XT90 2pins "female"

Female XT90Female connector with shield wiring harness. The wires will be protected from moisture.
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Procell Intense CR2032 / 5 psc in card

Procell Lithium Coin Intense 2032 industrial batteries are designed to deliver reliable and safe power in professional devices. To prevent accidental ingestion by children, Procell has developed tamper-proof packs with double blister so that it is impossible for a child to open without scissors and a bitter taste layer is applied on the back of the cell...
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Lithium power 9V battery /USB

Ultra-high capacity 9 V battery made with lithium-ion technology. Lithium chemical battery 550mAh. Minimum 500mAh. Charging is done via a mini USB connection. PS. The cable to the battery is not included.
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Charger Xtar VC4S

Xtar VC4S charger Li-ion/ Ni-Mh battery charger. With reverse-polarity, short curcuit, overcharge and overheat protection. LCD screen to watch curent batteries status. 
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Multipower VRLA AGM MBL12C-12L 12V 22Ah

Multipower Lead acid battery MP22-12C, MPC22-12I - cyclic12 volts 22.0 Ah -Dimensions: 181x76x167 mmWeight 6.7 kgM6 screw connectionfactory code: 231111AD. Date of production: 2023 year 11 month
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