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Varta 18631 Ultralight H30R

Varta 18631 OUTDOOR SPORTS H30 Varta spotlight on the head. Powerful for use outdoors.
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Flashlights Tiross 1115

Power: 10W CREE T6 ledLighting flux 450 lumensFocused light flux.Lighting functions: 100%, 25%, strobeWorks with: 18650 and 3x LR3 / AAA batteriesIn a box:Spotlight metal, 18650 battery, charger with power supply, plastic case 3x LR3 / AAA batteries, strap.
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Nitecore NBM40

NBM40 Battery magazine for 4x 18650. Protects from connections between batteries and water. With hook and loop strap.
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Varta 18630 OUTDOOR SPORTS H30

Varta 2WAT OUTDOOR SPORTS H30 Varta spotlight on the head. Two modes of education. With batteries, two bulbs of 1W each. Powerful for use outdoors.
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Varta 17634 Premium Light F10

Varta 17634 F10 Premium-quality, water resistant (IPX4) aluminium casing0.5 Watt high performance LED provides a high light output while consuming very little energyElegant design combined with maximum compactness
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HL-250 COBRA headlight

The HL-250 is an LED headlamp. The flashlight has two independent LED sources, including the original CREE XP-E2 LED.  A feature of the flashlight is the ability to use two LED light sources simultaneously to achieve a light output of more than 200 lumens. The flashlight comes with a flexible, double strap that provides stability on the head and on the...
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H-150 on the head 3W

HEAD LAMP 1 Super LED. 1 W. Two light modes up to 250 m. range.
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Varta 17731 INDESTRUCTIBLE H20 No matter whether you are an outdoor adventurer or simply doing your job - you can always rely on the Indestructible range when things start getting rough.
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Coast HX4 (dual color)

Coast HX4 The COAST HX4 has been specially designed for lovers and professionals, and the result is very functional. A strong magnetic clip ensures a flexible position of the lamp. The light can be optimally directed thanks to the lamp head, which can be rotated 180 °.The COB LED emits a uniform light, ideal for close range. UV light is used to inspect...
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Xtar Led headlamp H3R

Xtar H3R • When using the CREE-XP-L V6 LED can reach 1000 lm lumens.• With magnetic head charging via USB• Overheat protection• Head strap• Holder on the bicycle frameBatteries not included.
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Varta 15638 UV LIGHT

Varta 15638 UV flashlight to make the invisible visible Detects and identifies residues of dirt, pets urine, etc. Checks and verifies banknotes, fingerprints and fluorescents UV wave range: 395-400 nm Multi LED technology: 14 pcs UV LED (UV A) Battery driven (3 AAA)
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Flashlights Nitecore LA10

Max education 250 lumensMax range is 24 mMax intensity 38 cdMax operating time is 38 hours
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Nitecore Concept1

Nitecore Concept 1 CONCEPT series waterproof flashlight with reverse polarity protection. The lens is made of mineral glass coat. Beam range up to 220 m. Light time : Turbo (1800 lumens) for about 30 minutes * Floor (810 lumens) for about 1 hour and 30 minutes * On average (300 lumens) about 4 hours Low (80 lumens) for about 15 hours Ultralow (1 lumen)...
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XTAR WALRUS D08 diving flashlight

Capture the best memories of a lifetime with the best light• Has a brightness of 2000 lumens• 120 ° wide radius ensures maximum lighting coverage• Two convenient switches• SOS mode.• Color rendering index - up to 95%• There is a red light mode
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Nitecore EA42

Nitecore EA42 It is a powerful LED flashlight with a maximum luminous flux of 1800 lumens, beam range up to 353 m. The head is made of hard anodized aluminium HAIII, coated glass lens, ATR temerature control. Flashlight is waterproof up to IPX8. The CREE XHP35 HD LED delivers this performance; Operation and operating time (4 x NiMH or alkaline...
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Ergonomic design for easier storage and handling• Maximum power 1100Lm,• 50000h duration of education.• Ultra clear tempered glass lens with reflective coating• Wide radius with greater distance• Rear front and rear switches!• Robust and durable• Complete set with fabric case.
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Nitecore RSW1

Nitecore RSW1 Pressure switch for flashlights, can be used for as a normal switch. Suitable for MT10C, MT2C, MT25, MH12 and other NITECORE models with 25,4 cm. diameter.  Cable lenght: 40 cm.
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Xcell Basic flashlight 1W

Xcell flashlight Small flashlight for everyday use. Weights only 95 g. Made from metal, comes in 3 different colours. Powered by 3 AAA batteries.
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Varta 16701 Key Chain

Varta 16701 Premium-quality, water resistant (IPX4) No matter whether you are an outdoor adventurer or simply doing your job - you can always rely on the Indestructible range when things start getting rough.
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Varta 17648 Work Flex Area Light

Varta Work Flex Area Light 17648 Hand lamp with 3 pcs 4906 batteries. Extremely lightweight, can be mounted with a hanger. Have two magnets attached to the metal. 
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