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Varta 16617 Lipstick light

Varta flashlight Stylish and handy femine flashlight. Made of aluminium, water resistant. Glows in the dark. Beam range up to 25 m. Run time: 3hrs. Includes: 1x AA/ LR6 battery.
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Varta 18900 Led Night CUTTER F20R

Varta F20R Rechargeable 6 watt high performance LED flashlight with 4 lighting levels. Water resistant aluminum body. With low battery indicator and self discharge/ overcharge protectoion. Beam range up to 147 m. Run time: 22hrs. Includes: Fixing clip and micro USB cable.
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Varta 18810 High Optics F10

Varta 18810 High Optics  F10 Top quality flashlight with 3 W power LEDSliding head with precision focusing system (point to distance)MCU controlled on / off button with infinitely variable control functionSpecially hardened standard aluminum housing with three layers of anodizing to increase wear and corrosion resistanceWater resistant (IPX4) and shock...
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Varta Aluminium Light LR14 torch

Varta F20 Shock proof Varta flashlight from aluminium. 7 led provides beam range up to 32 m. Run time: 35hrs. Includes: 2x C /LR14 batteries.
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XTAR WALRUS D08 diving flashlight

Capture the best memories of a lifetime with the best light• Has a brightness of 2000 lumens• 120 ° wide radius ensures maximum lighting coverage• Two convenient switches• SOS mode.• Color rendering index - up to 95%• There is a red light mode
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Varta 16650 Outdoor sports H10

Varta 17731 INDESTRUCTIBLE H20 No matter whether you are an outdoor adventurer or simply doing your job - you can always rely on the Indestructible range when things start getting rough.
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Coast A5 Flashlight

Coast A5 is the perfect technical companion due to the perfectly round Inspection Beam and the easy-to-clean stainless steel housing. Elegant silver inspection LED lamp Stainless steel Suitable for technical work In a gift box. Light source: LED With battery: 1 x AAA Net weight: 57 g Total weight: 100 g Length: 95 mm Diameter: 13.5 mm Included...
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Bracket (mount) M008

Black anodized holder. 2.5mm thick metal. For Spotlight, fishing rods, telescopic fixtures, to  bicycle frames,  gun case.
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Rubber Bicycle clip F6

Black rubber coated metal. For mounting the spotlight to the bicycle frames.
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Varta 16701 Key Chain

Varta 16701 Premium-quality, water resistant (IPX4) No matter whether you are an outdoor adventurer or simply doing your job - you can always rely on the Indestructible range when things start getting rough.
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FL- 300 flashlight

FL 300 flashlight Small flashlight for everyday use. Cree XP-G2 Weights only 95 g. Made from metal. Powered by 3 AAA batteries.
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Coast flashlight & knives LK375

The LK375 combines the long history  Coast Knives business with LED technology. To create a powerful flashlight built right into the knife handle. The flashlight meets all COAST specifications for a professional flashlight: 110 lumens, 53 meters distance, IPX7 waterproof. The folding knife uses: the highest quality 7Cr17 stainless steel, the opening...
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Varta Work Flex BL30R LED

Varta Work Flex BL30R 5 watt high performance rechargeable LED flashlight with 3 lighting levels. Water and shock resistant. With low battery indicator, USB port and carrying strap for comfortable use. Beam range up to 460 m. Run time: 16 hrs. Includes: Carrying strap and micro USB cable. 
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Instantaneous remote switch TS

Spotlight instantaneous remote switch. And the LR3 / AAA battery case connects the batteries.Length: 86mmThickness (thread): 24mmCable length: 20 cm.
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Nitecore EA42

Nitecore EA42 It is a powerful LED flashlight with a maximum luminous flux of 1800 lumens, beam range up to 353 m. The head is made of hard anodized aluminium HAIII, coated glass lens, ATR temerature control. Flashlight is waterproof up to IPX8. The CREE XHP35 HD LED delivers this performance; Operation and operating time (4 x NiMH or alkaline...
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Coast HP7 Flashlight with focusing

The Coast HP7 is a very comfortable and high-flux, reliable LED flashlight. Robust construction and impact resistant, lightweight aluminum housing, rust and corrosion resistant. Tested and evaluated according to ANSI / FL1 standards, Rubber sealing ring for reliable water resistance and durability. strap case and strap. Packed in a box. Batteries: 4 x AAA...
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Coast L3300 Bullworker Flashlight

High power flashlight Bullworker L3300 Extra bright lamp. Compact and robust in the smallest body format - the right companion everywhere! Powerful light reaches a light flux of 3,300 lumens and a light distance of more than 250 meters. It stands out for its functionality, performance, performance and compactness. The overall handle size of only 12 cm is...
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Varta 16627 Aluminium Light LR6

Varta F10 Shock proof Varta flashlight from aluminium. 5 led provides beam range up to 23 m. Run time: 10 hrs. Includes: 2x AA/ LR6 batteries.
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Varta 18663 Camping Lantern L20

Varta 18663 camping lamp L20 Sturdy (2 m drop test) lamp with damping rubber housing Impact-resistant lens and reflector Water and dust resistant (IP67) COB LED technology Four light levels: high, medium, low, night. Night light mode is activated by double-clicking 360 ° light distribution Extra wide and comfortable handle at the top Radius of curvature:...
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Varta 18902 Led Night CUTTER F40

Varta 18627 PROFFESIONAL LINE 10 watt high performance LED flashlight with 4 lighting levels and precision focus. Water resistant and shock proof aluminum body. With low battery indicator. Rechargable with USB cable, can be used as emergency power bank.  Beam range up to 180 m. Run time: 22 hrs. Includes: Fixing clip and Micro USB cable.
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Varta 15618 Brite Essential F20

Varta 15618 F20 Shock proof Varta flashlight from aluminium. 19 led provides beam range up to 30 m. Run time: 18hrs. Worining with : 2x C /LR14 batteries.
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