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XTAR WALRUS D08 diving flashlight

Capture the best memories of a lifetime with the best light• Has a brightness of 2000 lumens• 120 ° wide radius ensures maximum lighting coverage• Two convenient switches• SOS mode.• Color rendering index - up to 95%• There is a red light mode
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Coast HP7 Flashlight with focusing

The Coast HP7 is a very comfortable and high-flux, reliable LED flashlight. Robust construction and impact resistant, lightweight aluminum housing, rust and corrosion resistant. Tested and evaluated according to ANSI / FL1 standards, Rubber sealing ring for reliable water resistance and durability. strap case and strap. Packed in a box. Batteries: 4 x AAA...
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Coast A5 Flashlight

Coast A5 is the perfect technical companion due to the perfectly round Inspection Beam and the easy-to-clean stainless steel housing. Elegant silver inspection LED lamp Stainless steel Suitable for technical work In a gift box. Light source: LED With battery: 1 x AAA Net weight: 57 g Total weight: 100 g Length: 95 mm Diameter: 13.5 mm Included...
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Nitecore F2 charger & powerbank

NITERCORE F2 The Nitecore F2 USB loader is a version of the F1 loader. With Nitecore F2, 2 x Li-Ion batteries can be recharged with 2 lithium batteries and used as PowerBank too. Made of refractory plastic, LEDs show the charging process. With two INPUT and OUTPUT USB ports. Includes: Holder, USB 3.0 connector cable.
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Nitecore EA42

Nitecore EA42 It is a powerful LED flashlight with a maximum luminous flux of 1800 lumens, beam range up to 353 m. The head is made of hard anodized aluminium HAIII, coated glass lens, ATR temerature control. Flashlight is waterproof up to IPX8. The CREE XHP35 HD LED delivers this performance; Operation and operating time (4 x NiMH or alkaline...
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Molicell 26700A 3,7V

Lithium 3,7V 2800mAh Dimension : 26mm x 70mm IBR26700A We can weld the tags for you need to the cell. For service the cells are selected according to the internal resistance. If the connection requires the insulated cables to be routed. Please contact us for additional requirements.
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Power bank 2800mAh 5V 1Ah

Capacity 2800 mAhInput 5V DC / 1A (micro-USB)Output 5V DC / 1A (USB)Dimensions in cm (L / W / H) 9,6x2,4x2,2Battery Type 18650 Li-ion SamsungPower Bank 2800 mAhMicro-USB to USB cableManual (DE, EN, FR)
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Instantaneous remote switch TS

Spotlight instantaneous remote switch. And the LR3 / AAA battery case connects the batteries.Length: 86mmThickness (thread): 24mmCable length: 20 cm.
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Varta Work Flex BL30R LED

Varta Work Flex BL30R 5 watt high performance rechargeable LED flashlight with 3 lighting levels. Water and shock resistant. With low battery indicator, USB port and carrying strap for comfortable use. Beam range up to 460 m. Run time: 16 hrs. Includes: Carrying strap and micro USB cable. 
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KR-DHL NiCD 1,2V 4000mAh

D/R20 Ni-Cd industral battery Suitable for all kinds of devices: cordless screwdrivers, camcorders and other technology. Due to the rare need, this model is outsourced.Dimensions: 60 x34 (HxØ / mm), 1.2V 4000mAh.If necessary, we can weld the findings you need to the cell. The cells are selected according to the internal impedance and the insulated leads...
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Li-pol (325265) 1200mAh

Lithium polymer battery.Dimensions: 3,2mm thick / 52mm width / 65mm length3.7 Volts, 1200mAh capacity
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LG Li-on (423443) 850mAh 3,6V

Industral lithium-ion prismatic-rectangle battery. Used in mobile phones and other devices.
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PCM/BMS LiFe for 4 cell 25Ah

Connection details in photo.Have cell balancing.In the table rated is voltages: 12,8VMinimum voltage: 10VMaximum Voltage: 14,8V
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Ampercell Flashlight Slim Light

Ampercell Flashlight Slim Light16 units in the box.LED flat light with 2 white LEDsOptical lenses increase luminosityRugged metal casing and plasticLight time more than 75 hoursAvailable in 4 different colors (black, red, white and blue)Weight: 75 gwithout batteriesLength: 100 mmWidth: 50 mmHeight: 20 mmLight Length: 75 hoursPrice per unit.
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Charger NiteCore Q4

The NiteCore Q4 Charger. The maximum charging current of 2A can be achieved using two charging sockets Four charging sockets operate independently of each other.Active Energy Distribution (ACD)Automatically detects the battery level and selects the proper voltage.Auto charge stops after full chargeOverload protectionReverse polarity protection and...
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