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Li-polimer (803040) 1000mAh

Li-pol (803040) 1000mAh Suitable for:     Robotics and remote controlled divices     Automotive equipmen     Medical devices     Measuring devices     Power supply     Consumer electronics     GPS System     Communication
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VARTA Microbattery AA 1800mAh 1,2V

VARTA Microbattery AA 1800mAh We can weld the tags for you need to the cell. For service the cells are selected according to the internal resistance. If the connection requires the insulated cables to be routed. Please contact us for additional requirements.
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Lithium polimer (501220) 80mAh

Lithium polymer battery.For MP3 players, and various radio models (plane, helicopter)With PCM and wires.Dimension: 5mm x 12mm x 20mm.3,7V 90mAh.
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XTAR rechargeable Li-ion AA 2200mAh 1,5V

XTAR 1.5V AA 2200mAh battery Because of the rechargeable chemical, you can save money by simply charging the battery instead of replacing it with a new, original one. The 2200 mAh capacity ensures long battery life on your favorite devices. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Energy 3300mWh Maximum discharge current 1.5A Several built-in protections Product...
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Lithium power 9V battery /USB

Ultra-high capacity 9 V battery made with lithium-ion technology. Lithium chemical battery 550mAh. Minimum 500mAh. Charging is done via a mini USB connection. PS. The cable to the battery is not included.
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Multipower VRLA AGM MBL12C-12L 12V 22Ah

Multipower Lead acid battery MP22-12C, MPC22-12I - cyclic12 volts 22.0 Ah -Dimensions: 181x76x167 mmWeight 6.7 kgM6 screw connectionfactory code: 231111AD. Date of production: 2023 year 11 month
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Panasonic Eneloop PRO AAA...
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Panasonic Eneloop PRO AAA 930mAh/ 2psc in card

Panasonic Eneloop PRO AAA  (Ni-Mh 930mAh, 1,2V) - the perfect energy solution for your most demanding devices when the longest possible run time is needed. Price for one card.
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€6.80 (3.40 Eur per unit)
Fiamm battery FG20341 12V...
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Fiamm battery FG20341 12V 3,4Ah

FIAMM 12V/ 3400 FG20341 AGM accumulator. Capacity: 3.4 AhNominal voltage: 12VAGMTerminal type: F1Dimensions: 134 x 67 x 67 mmWeight 1.2 kgDesigned for cyclic useEurobat classification from 3 to 5 yearsOperating temperature range -20 → +50°C
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JBL Flip 3,  3000mAh 3,7V...
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JBL Flip 3, 3000mAh 3,7V GSP0931134

JBL Flip 3, 3000mAh 3.7VDesigned for easy replacementFull functionality and compatibility with your JBL speaker.JBL GSP0931134, GSP872693, P763098 03, GSP872693 02High quality JBL Flip 3, 3 splash proof, FLIP3GRAY battery for your speaker boxesIf you're looking for a compatible and cost-effective JBL Flip 3, 3 splash-proof FLIP3GRAY battery, you've come...
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Canon BP-2L12 1200mAh 7,2V
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Canon BP-2L12 1200mAh 7,2V

​Battery Canon BP-2L12 1200mAh 7.2VCE and RoHs certificate - complies with all operating conditions Color: grayLi-ion - no memory effectCapacity: 1200 mAhVoltage: 7.2VPower: 8.88 WhCompatible with:Canon DC310, DC320, DC330, DC410, DC411, DC420, Elura 40MC, Elura 50MC, Elura MC (0), HG10, HV20, HV30, HV40, IXY DV3, MD110, MD130, MD150, MD215,...
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FDK Ni-Mh battery AA 2,4V 1600mAh

FDK AA 2.4V 1600mAh Ni-Mh battery pack 2.4V with mounted plus and minus 3mm wide tape. The length of the tape is about 2-3 cm.
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Melasta lithium ICR14500 750mAh 3,6V with...

ICR 14500 lithium-ion rechargeable battery with protection (on the side) and two wires. Minimum capacity: 750 mAh Typical capacity: 850mAh 3.6V 4.2 volts maximum and 3.6 volts nominal More than 300 charge-discharge cycles Please charge this battery with a quality Li-ion battery charger before first use; Do not store or use this battery in high...
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DeWalt DCB182 DCB180 DCB181-XJ DCB181 6Ah 18 V

Battery DewaltCE and RoHs certificate - meets all operational safety requirements.Colors: black/yellowLi-ion - no memory effectCapacity: 6000 mAhVoltage: 18 VPower: 108 WhCells 10 pcs.LED charging indicator Dewalt DCB180Dewalt DCB181Dewalt DCB181-XJDewalt DCB182Dewalt DCB182-XEDewalt DCB183Dewalt DCB184Dewalt DCB185Dewalt DCB200Dewalt DCB201Dewalt...
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Simvalley battery Ni-Mh 4,8V 700mAh

Battery Mi-MH 4.8V 700mAh for Simvalley / Oricom / Switel / DeTeWe CB radio.Made to fit your deviceCE and RoHs certificate - meets operational safety requirements.Technology: NiMHCapacity: 700 mAhVoltage: 4.8VPower: 3.36 WhDeTeWe Outdoor 8000DeTeWe Outdoor PMR 8000DeTeWe Outdoor PMR8000Oricom PMR1000Simvalley WT-100Sweetel WT237Replaces original...
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Battery for XML T6 LED 5200mAh 7,4V

XML T6 LED bike lightLi-ion - no memory effectCapacity: 5200 mAhVoltage: 7.4VPower: 38.48 WhNumber of cells: 4With connecting cables.
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Battery box for AA /CR123

Battery box for Two psc AA battery. Or 3 psc CR123 type battery. White color. Price for one box. Outer dimensions: 60 mm x 45.5 mm x 21.5 mmInner dimensions: 56.4 mm x 41.5 mm x 19.50 mmMaximum battery length 14500: 56.00 mmMaximum battery length 16340: 38.50 mm
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18V for Makita one set

Full set for Makita 18V Lithium battery control circuit board Protection chip for electric tools battery, welding tape, screws, plastic holders. Compatible with: For Makita only Its main function to battery are: over charge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, reverse charge protection, over heat...
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Battery pack for HBC FUB3N...
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Battery pack for HBC FUB3N 6V 800mAh

Analog for: ABITRON TGB AF-FUB03M, BA203060, BA222060, KH68302500, CS-FUB03BL, BA222060 / BA203060 / FuB 3A Dimension: 55.84 x 52.12 x 14.09mm
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Novacell  Li-on 513048...
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Novacell Li-on 513048 700mAh 3,6V

Industral lithium-ion prismatic-rectangle battery. Used in mobile phones and other devices.
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Mexcell Ni-Cd C /R14 2500mAh
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Mexcell Ni-Cd C /R14 2500mAh

Type:        C (Baby)Chemistry: Ni-Cd    Voltage:       1,2 VoltCapacity:   2500 mAhDimension:   50 / 26 mmWeight:       70 g We can weld the tags for you need to the cell. For service the cells are selected according to the internal resistance. If the connection requires the insulated cables to be routed. Please contact us for additional requirements.
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Charger XTAR LC4 with 4psc lithium AA

XTAR LC4 Charger - New Version Specially for rechargeable XTAR 1.5V AA and AAA Li-ion batteries with indicator function• USB-C input• Dizian with better heat dissipation.• Supports mixed charging of AA and AAA batteries• Fully charge 4 x AA 1.5V Li-ion batteries in 1.7 hours.4 places Lithium 1.5V AA 2700mAh are included.
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