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Maxell batttery LR6 (2psc)
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Maxell batttery LR6 (2psc)

Maxell alkaline AA Longlife batteries for everyday use. For high and low energy devices.
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€0.46 (0.23 Eur per unit)

Fujitsu battery CR2016

Fujitsu Lithium 3Volt CR2016 size battery. CR2016(B)FJEX JPacking in card for 1 psc. 5 psc in one box.Used in watches, calculators, cameras and other devices.Size: 20.0mm width / height of 1,6mm
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Xcell Lithium battery 9V

Xcell lithium 9V battery. Similar: 6LF22 9V-Block 1604A (6LF22, 6LR61).
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EVE battery ER26500 3,6V + molex connector

3.6V 9Ah LiSOCl2 Non-rechargeable. About 10cm long with red and black wire. Contacts isolated. The battery is covered with additional PVC tube.You will need a connecting flange. The connector can be mounted on wires. Please specify which model of connector you need! We can weld the batteries you need. If the connection requires isolation of the...
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Varta Longlife battery 4906/4

Varta LONGLIFE Battery (Alkaline). AA LR6 size. 4906 Package after 4psc in one card. Price for one card. Used camera, and other techniques.
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€1.52 (0.38 Eur per unit)

Varta battery Longlife 4920 (2psc)

Varta Consumer 04920 121 412 Longlife LR20 D 13A standard cell. Alkaline. 61.5x34.2 (HxØ/mm) Price for one card.
In warehouse
€2.72 (1.36 Eur per unit)

Maxell battery LR3 (2psc)

Alkaline battery LR3 AAA  in shrink 2psc. One box 40 psc. Price for 2psc.
In warehouse
€0.40 (0.20 Eur per unit)

Duracell 364 SR621SW 1.5V

Duracell alkaline battery 364 size battery. Duracell lithium batteries - outstanding quality and reliability! Suitable for various industrial and home devices. Packing - 1 pcs in card.
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€1.03 (1.03 Eur per unit)

Varta battery V8GA

Varta Consumer 04273 101 401 ELECTRONICS V8GA, LR55, LR1120, (AG8). Packing one psc
In warehouse

Renata battery 317

Renata battery 317 Sr516Sw V317 616 Ca 280-58 Sb-Ar Sr62 Sr516 Silver Oxide 1.55V Diameter: 5,80 mm Height: 1,65 mm
In warehouse

Maxell battery 319

Maxell 319 SR527SW silver oxide battery. 10 pcs. in box. 
In warehouse

Duracell battery LR3 (6psc)

Alkaline battery LR3 AAA / in card. One box 10 card / 60psc LR03/AAA/R03/MN 2400/Micro/AM4/E92 Price for one Card.
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€2.62 (0.44 Eur per unit)

Duracell 371/370 SR920SW

Duracell 15030222, 371/370, 371, SR920SW, Silveroxid, 10psc in one box. Equivalent: Energizer 371, Maxell SR920SW, Varta V371, Rayovac 371, Duracell D 370/371,Citizen 280-31, Seiko SB-AN, I.E.C SR921 (SR69)
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€1.23 (1.23 Eur per unit)

Vinnic battery AG10

Vinnic alkaline button cell ( AG10 L1131 189 V10GA RW89 D189 LR54 LR1130 389A) - suitable for various home and professional devices. 
In warehouse
€0.99 (0.10 Eur per unit)

Renata battery CR2450N

Renata lithium ion battery CR2450N  3 Volt. Packing 1pcs in card. Used in calculators, and other techniques. The dimensions of 50mm width / height of 2,4mm
In warehouse

Maxell battery 315 1,55V

SR716SW Silver oxide battery. Maxell SR716SW 315 V315 SR62 SR716 Silver oxid, Dimension: 7,9 x 1,68
In warehouse
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