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Xcell Lithium battery 9V

Xcell lithium 9V battery. Similar: 6LF22 9V-Block 1604A (6LF22, 6LR61).
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Varta Longlife battery 4906/4

Varta LONGLIFE Battery (Alkaline). AA LR6 size. 4906 Package after 4psc in one card. Price for one card. Used camera, and other techniques.
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€1.52 (0.38 Eur per unit)

Varta Longlife battery 4903 4psc

Varta 4903 Energy R3 AAA battery, 1.5 V (pack of 4pcs) Price for one battery pack.
In warehouse
€1.48 (0.37 Eur per unit)

Maxell battery LR3 (10psc)

Alkaline battery LR3 AAA  in shrink. One box 10 psc. Price for 10psc.
In warehouse
€1.78 (0.18 Eur per unit)

Renata battery 317

Renata battery 317 Sr516Sw V317 616 Ca 280-58 Sb-Ar Sr62 Sr516 Silver Oxide 1.55V Diameter: 5,80 mm Height: 1,65 mm
In warehouse

Varta battery CR1225

Varta lithium ion battery CR1225  3 Volt. Packing 1pcs in card. Used in calculators, and other techniques. The dimensions of 12mm width / height of 2,5mm
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Renata battery 379 SR521SW

1,55V Silver oxide battery Diameter 5,80 mm Height 2,15 mm For The 379 Battery is also a replacement for equivalent batteries: SR521SW, SR63, SR521, SB-AC/DC, 280-59, JA, V379, D379, 618, GP379, S521E, 379, LR521, AG0, 379A, 379X, AG0, AG-0, 521A, UC379, SR418SW, SB-AC, 379LD, E379
In warehouse

Auditas battery 675 1.4V

Auditas 675 battery 1.4 Volt. Price for one card.Packing 6psc in card / 10card in one box.For: PR41, A312, 312A, 312AE, 312, DA312, 312HPX, AC312, P312, PR312H, ZA312, PR41, B3124, B347PA, DA312H, DA312N, 312HP, AC312E, AC312EZ, ME7Z, L312ZA, W312ZA, S312A, 312SA, 312P, 312ZA, CP41,
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€1.65 (0.27 Eur per unit)
Maxell battery 315 1,55V
  • New

Maxell battery 315 1,55V

SR716SW Silver oxide battery. Maxell SR716SW 315 V315 SR62 SR716 Silver oxid, Dimension: 7,9 x 1,68
In warehouse

Maxell battery 379, 1,55V

SR521SW Silver oxide battery. Maxell 379, SR63, SR521SW, Silver oxid, 10 pcs. in box.
In warehouse

Novacell Battery AG4 1,5V

Novacell baterija AG4, 1.5 V For : Energizer 377, Maxell SR926SW, Varta V377, Rayovac 377, Duracell D377, Timex BA, Citizen 280-39, Seiko SB-AW, I.E.C SR626 (SR66) LR62  LR66  AG4  L626  GA4  G4 177  377A
In warehouse
€0.95 (0.08 Eur per unit)

Renata battery CR2477

Renata lithium ion battery CR2477  3 Volt. Packing 1pcs in card. Used in calculators, and other techniques. The dimensions of 24mm width / height of 7,7mm for : CR2477 BR2477 DL2477 ECR2477 KCR2477
In warehouse

Varta battery Longlife 4922

Varta Consumer 04922 121 411 Longlife 6LF22 9V-Block 1604A (6LF22 6LR61) standard battery alkaline in card Dimensions: thickness 17mm / 25mm width / height of 48mm.
In warehouse

Varta battery Longlife 4920 (2psc)

Varta Consumer 04920 121 412 Longlife LR20 D 13A standard cell. Alkaline. 61.5x34.2 (HxØ/mm) Price for one card.
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€2.72 (1.36 Eur per unit)

Varta battery Longlife 4914 (2psc)

Varta Consumer 4914 121 412 LONGLIFE LR14 C 14A standard cell alkaline. Price for one battery card. Dimension: 50x26.2 (HxØ/mm) 1.5V
In warehouse
€1.80 (0.90 Eur per unit)

Ultralife battery pack ER26500M 2psc

2 battery LiSOCl2 Non-rechargeable C-Size Spiral Cell 3.6V 13Ah For horizontal drilling equipment. High discharge currents battery. Connected in parallel. Capacity doubles. Production time 2 working days.Depending on the materials available, the batteries may be covered with different colored PVC sleeves.
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