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Lithium charger for disc...
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Lithium charger for disc lithium cells 4.2V 40mAh

LI-ON BATTERY CHARGER Charger for 4.2V lithium disk cell. Current 40mAh. Two channels. Light indication. The socket is intended for charging disc lithium batteries (cells)
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Lithium charger  7S cell...
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Lithium charger 7S cell 29,4 V 2A

Everpowermodel: EPL100-16100-240V AC 50/60Hz 2.2A (max.)  14.8 V (for 4 cells connected in series)voltage ranges: 10.4V - 16.8VSupported pack capacity: 5~32Ah (4 lithium batteries)output current: 4.5Acut-off current: 300mANominal power: 75Wefficiency: 80%Fully automatic loading: CC,CVcharging cell technology: lithium ion (Li-ION)working temperature: -10°C...
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BQ-CC55 charger with 4 pcs Eneloop AA 2000 mAh

DC1.5V AA 550mA x4 / AAA 275mA x4 WITH FOUR BATTERIES AA 2000mAh Charging: 4 independent channels, each with its own 3-color LED indicator. Smart Charge / -ΔV / Timer This charger has a Smart Charge function that automatically checks the battery voltage and temperature. The Smart Charge function saves charging time and waste of energy and money....
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LCD krautuvas Varta 57687 (+4 AA)

High-quality LCD VARTA battery charger. Technologically advanced high-end product. This truck is a modern, blue LCD screen. Only 10 seconds after the battery is placed in the charger, it shows the current battery charge status. 4 of the show indicates battery charge level of the relevant marks. With 4 psc AA 2100mAh battery one set.
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Mascot li-on charger 3S cell 12,6V 2,3Ah

Model 25420,7 A max out • 90-264 VAC input 3-step charge control with current detection as charge termination Universal Input voltage (90-264 VAC) 3-colored LED indicator Order mains cord separately Mounting bracket available Waterproof (IP67) version available Custom specifications on request Approvals:Medically certified (IEC/EN/UL 60601-1)
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Varta USB 3,0A USB 3,1 Type C

Varta adapter USB 3.0 adapter charges and synchronizes all C type devices. Ideal for power boost from car, home and laptop.
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USB cable to micro usb connector 2,4Ah 0,3m

USB cable to Micro usb connectorCharging and data synchronization cable with USB connectors. One standard USB to micro type.Cable length 0.3cm 2,4Ah
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USB-C cable to USB-C connector 3Ah 1m

Cable compatible with all devices with USB Type-C / USB-C connector Quick Charge 3.0 Nylon braid provides greater resistance to bending and twisting, thin, aluminum tips for fast charging up to 60W and fast data transfer - up to 480 Mbps PD technology allows you to charge not only phones or tablets, but also laptops 
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USB Power supply to 12V 1Ah

USB 5V to 12V The USB voltage converter is adapted to all equipment needs 12V. 12 Volt DC power plug. Outer diameter: 5.5mm, inner diameter: 2.1mm; inside + and outside negative. The total length of the cable is 1.3 meters Box size: 30mm x 48mm x 15mm P.S. The voltage increases from 5V to 9V. At a current of less than 1A.
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USB-C cable to Apple connector 20W 1m

Fast and safe chargingThe  cable is designed to provide your device with maximum charging speed - support for fast charging. Fast PD charging up to 20W and fast data transfer - up to 480 Mbps.Robust and reliableThe nylon braided cable is definitely more resistant to mechanical damage. It has higher resistance to bending and twisting and does not tangle....
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Varta USB 2 in 1

Varta connector USB cable with C and USB type connector. Synchronizing data while charging device. Ideal for extra power in your car, at home or laptop. Cord lenght 1 m. Works with all Micro USB and USB Type C devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players, navigation systems, e-readers, Bluetooth headsets etc.
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Power supply USB 5V 80W

Charge up to 5 devices via USB.With this powerful 80W USB converter, you can charge all your equipment (laptops, phones, e-books, tablets, etc.)The charging station has a USB-C output with 2.0 power supply and four other USB outputs with qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 3.0 technology for extremely fast charging. So you can power five devices at once. USB-C...
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USB voltage converter USB-A & USB-C

IQ Smart Charging - The built-in advanced circuit automatically detects the connected device and charges it with the maximum current suitable for it. Fast charging of 2 devices at the same time USB output QC3.0 / USB-C PD: DC 5.0V-3.0A 15.0W, 9.0V-2.0A 18.0W, 12.0V-1.5A 18.0W Total output power: 18W 
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USB-C li-ion charger for 2S 8,4V 2Ah

Small, simple 2S dual cell the Charges. Integrates inside the equipment. With indication. Input voltage: USB-C connector 5V Dimension: 40mm x 20mm x 5mm
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Lithium battery charger 3 cell 12,6V 2Ah

3 cell  charger. For lithium packets that have protections (PCM / BMS).  With current detection and charging interruption. Universal input voltage (90-264 VAC) A 220V power connector is included.
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Varta USB 3,1 Type C connector

Varta charger cable USB cable with type C connector. Synchronizing data while speed charging device. Ideal for extra power in your car, at home or laptop. Cord lenght 1 m.
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Power supply USB 5V 34W

Charge up to 4 devices via USB.With this 35W USB converter, you will charge your equipment (phones, e-books, tablets, .. and others)Microprocessor controlled with security systems. This USB power supply is safe and fast for charging your devices.
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Mascot li-ion charger 1S cell 4,2 V 2,5Ah

Mascot 3546 1 cell Li-on battery charger 3-stage charging control Universal input voltage (90-264 VAC) Waking up and running a low current on deep-discharged batteries Error indication due to reverse polarity, short circuit. Order plugs separately Power connector with charger. ECO-design compliance: DoE and CEC
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Varta 57976 Power bank 10000mAh/10Ah

Powerful power bank with 4 ports (1x input Micro USB, 2x output USB A, 1x bidirectional port USB Type C)    Gain 55 hours of additional talk time with your smartphone*    Technology trend: USB Type C 5 V/3 A input and output for speed charging    Pass-through charging: enables charging the Power Bank and your device at the same time    Stylish and...
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USB-C li-ion charger for 3S 12,6V 2Ah

Small, simple 3S dual cell the Charges. Integrates inside the equipment. With indication. Input voltage: USB-C connector 5V Dimension: 40mm x 20mm x 5mm
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