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LCD VARTA 57688 Universal...
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LCD VARTA 57688 Universal Charger

The VARTA universal charger can charge AA / AAA / C / D and 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries. Detailed safety features and a large LCD display showing the charge level.Universal choice of charging solutions!
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LCD krautuvas Varta 57687 (+4 AA)

High-quality LCD VARTA battery charger. Technologically advanced high-end product. This truck is a modern, blue LCD screen. Only 10 seconds after the battery is placed in the charger, it shows the current battery charge status. 4 of the show indicates battery charge level of the relevant marks. With 4 psc AA 2100mAh battery one set.
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Varta LCD 57681 multi charger

VARTA LCD MULTI CHARGER High-quality LCD VARTA battery charger. Technologically advanced high-end product. Charges up to 8 AA/AAA batteries and USB device at the same time in 4 hours. Has safety cut off timer and blue LED LCD display.   Only in 10 seconds after the battery is placed in the charger, it shows the current battery charge status. 4 of the show...
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Charger NiteCore Q4

The NiteCore Q4 Charger. The maximum charging current of 2A can be achieved using two charging sockets Four charging sockets operate independently of each other.Active Energy Distribution (ACD)Automatically detects the battery level and selects the proper voltage.Auto charge stops after full chargeOverload protectionReverse polarity protection and...
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Voltcraft Charger 202-BC

Fast and effective charging of 2 to 3-celled LiPo-batteries! Integrated LEDs inform you at a glance about the current charging status of your battery.
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Mascot li-on charger 6 cell 25,2V 2A

3-step charge control with current detection as charge termination Universal Input voltage (90-264 VAC) 3-colored LED indicator Order mains cord separately Mounting bracket available Waterproof (IP67) version available Custom specifications on request Approvals: Medically certified (IEC/EN/UL 60601-1)
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Power measurement module LM 800

LCD Digital-Power-Panel-Meter. This meter is especially convincing through the many different applications. It displays, on an illuminated, two-line LCD display shows the measured values of current, voltage and power. The current is measured electrically isolated. It flows can be measured in the range -20 to + 20 A. The panel meter is therefore suitable...
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H-Tronic Charger universal 500mAh

It also constantly monitors the safety of the charging status of the connected batteries. You can both lead-acid batteries up to 6 cells, as also connect NiCd,NiMH batteries 1 to 10 cells. With a precision multiturn potentiometer you can adjust precisely and individually the end of charge voltage in the range 1,4 to 15 V at. If the preset end of charge...
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Charger in auto for AA/AAA

Travel Set the Charger DC 12V  on car. Constant current charger for NiCd/NiMh AA(A) cells. Charge current :  950 mAh (max) for 2x Mignon AA or AAA battery
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Charger XTAR VP4

Xtar Charger for lithium batteries - extensive use from 10440 to 26650 size batteries.Accurately checks and displays charge status.Can switch between multiple current sizes.LCD widescreen, shows real-time charging status.Multiple guards ensure safe charging.Precise, automatic shutdown when fully charged.Activation of 0 V restores overcharged...
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copy of Mini power supply 5V 1A

DE-SW050 will allow you to take a higher voltage and step it down to a 5V output in a compact, efficient manner.
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Mini power supply 10W

Adjustable from 1.25 to 13V output using screw 1A output at 1.25 to 10V
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Solar charger SBC-32

SBC-32 Universal solar charger for all devices. Charges within 2-3 hrs. Includes: Output cable 1PC and connectors to devices.
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Varta 57652 Charger USB (+4AA)

High-quality USB VARTA battery charger. Technologically advanced high-end product. Value USB Quattro. With 4 psc AA 2100mAh battery one set.
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Charger XTAR MC4S

The Xtar charger is designed to charge 4 Lithium & Ni-Mh batteries. Battery charger, with LED on each charging channel.A simple and economical charger will allow you to conveniently charge the batteries at home or on the go. Very economical and smallWide range of batteries for different sizes: AA. AAA, C, 18650, 18350 ...Low discharge technology...
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Charger for 8,4 V ir 7,2 V battery

Charge all 8.4 V and 7.2 V Ni-MH batteries4 independent charging channels4x 100mA dummy microprocessor with -dV control,protection against overheatingoverload / short circuit protection,Damage detectionoperation indicator 4 color LEDs indicating full chargeApproximate charging time9V 150 mAh about 100 min.9V 200 mAh about 130 min.9V 300...
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Mascot DC Connectors

Connectors of different sizes. Please look to the manufacturer's data file ( Specification) and provide the code for the required connector. Price per unit.
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