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Nitecore F2 charger &...
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Nitecore F2 charger & powerbank

NITERCORE F2 The Nitecore F2 USB loader is a version of the F1 loader. With Nitecore F2, 2 x Li-Ion batteries can be recharged with 2 lithium batteries and used as PowerBank too. Made of refractory plastic, LEDs show the charging process. With two INPUT and OUTPUT USB ports. Includes: Holder, USB 3.0 connector cable.
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Charger NC450 AAA/AA
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Charger NC450 AAA/AA

NC 450 Smart charger for all AA and AAA type batteries. Microprocessor controll with auto switch off. Has 4x individual charging slots.
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Solar charger SBC-32
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Solar charger SBC-32

SBC-32 Universal solar charger for all devices. Charges within 2-3 hrs. Includes: Output cable 1PC and connectors to devices.
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Goobay USB charger 3,1Ah

Micro USB charger Power adapter for Raspberry Pi 1, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, and other devices/ mobiles. Also for Xtar , Nitecore, Varta chargers, Power Banks. Cord lenght- 1m. with standart micro USB port. Big currency 3100 mAh.
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Power supply 2,25Ah

Goobay 59029 Universal power supply with 8 adapters. Protects against short circuit and overload. From  3V 4,5V 5V 6V 7,5V 9V 12 V
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Power supply 1.5Ah

Goobay 59029 Universal power supply with 8 adapters and USB connector. Protects against short circuit and overload. From 3V 4,5V 5V 6V 7,5V 9V 12 Voltage.
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Varta Wireless charger

Varta charger Hi-tech premium design with anti-slip rubber feet wireless charger. With LED ring as charging indication. Charges smartphones in 3 hrs. Works with all USB cables. Includes: Micro USB cable.
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Xtar DRAGON VP4 Plus

Xtar charger Li-ion/ Ni-Mh battery charger. With reverse-polarity, short curcuit, overcharge and overheat protection. LCD screen to watch curent batteries status. 
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Mascot li-ion 4 cell 16,8V 2Ah

Mascot 2542 4 cell Li-Ion battery charger. Model 25422 A max out • 90-264 VAC input 3-step charge control with current detection as charge termination Universal Input voltage (90-264 VAC) 3-colored LED indicator Order mains cord separately Mounting bracket available Waterproof (IP67) version available Custom specifications on request Approvals: Medically...
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Varta charger 57676 LCD Li-ion Ni-Mh

Varta NiMH charger 4 modes (Charge, discharge, refresh, test) NiMH charger. With temparature control, short circut and wrong polarity protection. USB out port. LCD screen. 
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Adapter USB 5V 3,1A

UNIVERSAL TRAVEL CHARGER Extreme Star black adapter. 2 USB slots. from 220V to USB 5V-3100 mAh
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Nitecore UMS4 Charger

NITERCORE UMS4 CHARGER Nitecore USM4 is a new 4-channel battery charger that can charge all Li-Ion battery types, NiMH, NiCd and LiFEPO4 batteries. The LCD will display the entire loading process. Charging current can be set individually for each channel. Maximum charge 3A, all 4 mountains do not work at the same time at 6A charging current. Multiple...
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