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Charger XTAR VC2

Xtar battery charger for lithium battery with digital display.Economical and small - capable to charge up to two standalone channelsWide range of applications from 10440 to 26650 size batteries.Slow discharge technology allows batteries to be recharged at lower voltages.With Micro-USB connection and USB cable packed in a box.P. S. We recommend using a...
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EB-S12K Power bank 12Ah + solar

High quality lithium polymer battery, Built-in 1.8 W single crystal cell - supports the Power Bank charging process, even without access to electricity - from the sun! High performance - multiple output connectors for maximum compatibility - PD 18W output allows you to charge a wide range of portable devices.   2 x USB-A DC 5V / 3A, including one QC 3.0...
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Varta 57977 Power bank 15000mAh/15Ah

Powerful power bank with 4 ports (1x input Micro USB, 2x output USB A, 1x bidirectional port USB Type C)    Gain 83 hours of additional talk time with your smartphone*    The suitable capacity for a longer trip    Technology trend: USB Type C 5 V/3 A input and output for speed charging    Pass-through charging: enables charging the Power Bank and your...
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Varta 57652 Charger USB (+4AA)

High-quality USB VARTA battery charger. Technologically advanced high-end product. Value USB Quattro. With 4 psc AA 2100mAh battery one set.
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USB laidas į Apple Lightning 0,3m

Cable compatible with all devices with USB Type-C / USB-C connector Quick Charge 3.0 Nylon braid provides greater resistance to bending and twisting, thin, aluminum tips for fast charging up to 60W and fast data transfer - up to 480 Mbps PD technology allows you to charge not only phones or tablets, but also laptops 
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Nitecore F2 charger & powerbank

NITERCORE F2 The Nitecore F2 USB loader is a version of the F1 loader. With Nitecore F2, 2 x Li-Ion batteries can be recharged with 2 lithium batteries and used as PowerBank too. Made of refractory plastic, LEDs show the charging process. With two INPUT and OUTPUT USB ports. Includes: Holder, USB 3.0 connector cable.
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Made of aluminiumVery small dimensionsAdapter for connecting USB accessories to devices with USB-C / Type-C OTG socketAdapter allows fast data transmission up to 5 Gbps and charging up to 3ACompact size adapter, made of high quality aluminum, easy and fast to use. The adapter allows you to transfer files (up to 5 Gbps), synchronize devices and load (max...
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Power supply USB 5V 3,1A

UNIVERSAL TRAVEL CHARGER Extreme Star black adapter. 2 USB slots. from 220V to USB 5V-3100 mAh
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Power bank 2800mAh 5V 1Ah

Capacity 2800 mAhInput 5V DC / 1A (micro-USB)Output 5V DC / 1A (USB)Dimensions in cm (L / W / H) 9,6x2,4x2,2Battery Type 18650 Li-ion SamsungPower Bank 2800 mAhMicro-USB to USB cableManual (DE, EN, FR)
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Charger XTAR X4

Xtar battery charger for lithium and Ni-Mh battery with digital display. 220V  Economical  - capable to charge up to 4 standalone channels Wide range of applications from 10440 to 26650 size batteries and Ni-Mh and Ni-cd batteries.
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Connector BC10 with wire

Six-point connector for charging the battery pack. With 10cm cord. 
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Charger XTAR X2

Xtar battery charger for lithium and Ni-Mh battery with digital display. Working with 220V  Economical and small - capable to charge up to two standalone channels Wide range of applications from 10440 to 26650 size batteries and Ni-Mh and Ni-cd batteries.
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Mascot li-ion charger 1 cell 4,2 V 2,5Ah

Mascot 3546 1 cell Li-on battery charger 3-stage charging control Universal input voltage (90-264 VAC) Waking up and running a low current on deep-discharged batteries Error indication due to reverse polarity, short circuit. Order plugs separately Power connector with charger. ECO-design compliance: DoE and CEC
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Mascot DC Connectors

Connectors of different sizes. Please look to the manufacturer's data file ( Specification) and provide the code for the required connector. Price per unit.
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PCM for "power bank" USB-C

POWER BANK. Mounting plate + indication. Input: 5V / 3A USB -C: 5V3A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A Output: USB -A: 5V / 3A USB-C: 5V / 3A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A + Apple connector Power: 18 W, if the device is more than 18 W, can not be used can even burn. Supports: QC3.0 QC2.0: FCP: PE2.0 PE1.1: SFCP Input / output overvoltage / overcurrent / short circuit protection....
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